IGN Lemon#1532
Sens Stick +1 / Motion +1
Rapid Blaster Pro Deco
Low Ink
a Rain or Shine Event
Cafe Mogus Tournament
Taste the Rainbow
Unlockable Side Quest
Awarded for winning Low Ink
ming i play vshot (zooka) LI banned midlevel fa :) Notable results: 1st LI february 2024 5th paddling 259 2nd Uk mafi-open#1 2-1 namie, bingo, pouleyyy, mar 2-1 A2 (atlas, noteZ, navy, nishi) 2-0, 2-1 distinkt Low level results (don’t take these seriously they are just for me to look back on): 3rd LI jan 2024 4th Minnow cup 27 (clam blitz) 4th minnow cup 29 (rainmaker) (I played long rapid lmao) 2nd storm surge 8 LUTI S14 div 6 SBL S3 div 3 7th delta LI october 2023 5th gamma LI august 2023 gold bracket LSL 32 5th ladder squid league 3rd IDTGA 40 power bracket 3rd IDTGA 41 power bracket