Community Callouts List

if you want to learn precise callouts this list contains some for all maps

Fluid Priorities and Roles

outlines how FLC thinks about the game regarding team compositions and player roles

How to improve your aim

a video that goes over how to improve your aim and some drills you can use by weapon type (Splatoon 2 but applies to Splatoon 3 as well)


Splatoon wiki. Useful for looking up random information about the game

Inkopolis Crosswalk

a server dedicated to making it easier for players to find the resources they need in order to improve, find teams, find events, and meet new people

Lean's Home

Lean's datamines provide the most comprehensive collection of collectables and parameters. Also includes the gear seed checker

Playing smarter: a guide to improving tactical thinking

a guide to improving at Splatoon, beyond raw mechanical ability

Salmon Run Next Wave maps

(in Japanese) view Salmon Run maps and points of interest such as spawns

Salmon Run Next Wave Overfishing Fundamentals

a guide that aims to provide players with the knowledge to get as high a golden egg score as possible

Salmon Run Overfishing

a server dedicated to Salmon Run


website that aims to educate players to optimise their Salmon Run gameplay for best results

Splashtag Creator

create your own splashtags featuring in-game as well as custom assets

splat_zone jp

subscribe to watch Area Cup which is considered one of the highest level tournaments in Japan and the world

Splatoon Stronghold

provides competitive Splatoon resouces to longtimers and newcomers a like

view rotations and Splatnet gear rotation without needing the phone app


the largest forum dedicated to Splatoon

upload matches you play to to track your stats

Tableturf Battle Server

a server dedicated to Tableturf Battle with a lot of helpful resources and events! Also a good place to find opponents to play

Yaga's Weapon Kit Generator

create your own dream weapon kit images