What is the Plus Server?

Plus Server is a Discord server for high-level Western players to look for people to play with and against. It was founded on September 2017. Divided into three tiers of which +1 is the highest. You get access when a member of the server suggests you and you pass the monthly voting. In the voting you get a percentage based on your result. 0% would mean everyone who participated in the voting downvoted you while 100% would be the opposite. 50% is required to pass the voting. If a member gets a score below 50% they get demoted a tier or in the case of +3 kicked.

How to get a badge prize for my event?

You commission borzoic#1991 to make the badge. The price is 10-30€ depending on the complexity. Afterward, contact Sendou to get it added to the web page. Any tournament can have a badge as a prize. If you want to award badges for other feats it's best to consult Sendou first about your idea.

How to update my avatar or username?

Updating username or avatar on Discord doesn't right away update them on To make that happen you have two options: 1) If you are a member of this website's Discord or the Plus Server you can simply wait. There is a routine that runs once a day that handles the updating. 2) To get them to update right away you can use the /update-profile command of the Lohi Discord bot.

I subscribed on Patreon but I don't see any changes on the website?

Make sure to connect your Discord on After doing so it will take up to 2 hours for the status to update on the site. If you are having problems DM Sendou directly for help.

Is there a app?

No, but can be installed as a 'Progressive Web App' that gets many of the same benefits such as full-screen, an icon on the home screen and a separate process from the browser. Google 'how to install PWA on *your browser*' to see how.

How to add Twitch/Twitter/YouTube to my profile?

We use your Discord profile for that. Connect and verify them on Discord then log out and back in on to have them update.

How can I add videos?

Send a message to Sendou on Discord for access and instructions.

How can I show X Battle results on my profile?

Find your player page from the Top Search page. Post the link to the helpdesk on our Discord saying you want it linked. Note that the linking is not possible if you have not reached Top 500 or been a top player with some weapon.