Winners of In The Zone 26

by Riczi

Congratulations to Pink Venom for winning the final In The Zone tournament of Splatoon 2! In The Zone 26 featured 36 teams competing in Splat Zones matches. This was a double elimination tournament, so participants were guaranteed to play in at least two series of games.

Pink Venom Members

Pink Venom was a mix of players from Starburst and Jackpot; two of the best teams in the NA region. Watching them mix their individual playstyles was certainly a sight to behold!

The runner-up team, EGirls4Victory, featured a few members of FTWin; another top NA team that recently disbanded. Could this new group be the start of a new competitive team looking to mesh before Splatoon 3 drops?

Taking the bronze medal was Comp, whose unorthodox playstyle became a highlight of the entire tournament. The team featured IsabelT.J. using Tetra Dualies with masterful precision next to an Inkbrush and Ballpoint Splatling. Definitely not a team composition you see every day!

Rounding out the top four is the Woomierss. Scar is a long time member of the Splatoon community and it was a joy to watch them participate in this tournment. Will Splatoon 3 bring back more veterans to competitive play?

What better way for to send off Splatoon 2 than with a day full of intense competition. Thank you to all of the players who have participated in Sendou tournaments over the years. We can't wait to see what Splatoon 3 brings!