IGN Slim_Java#1550
Sens Stick +3 / Motion +3.5
Range Blaster
Splatana Wiper
Splatana Wiper Deco
Rapid Blaster Pro
Splat Brella
Supporter of on Patreon
The Mach 4 Pizzasquid On hiatus from comp Mainly play longer range Blasters, Mobile Brellasm and Splatanas. Can easily flex onto shooters of any type. Time Zone: EST Individual Record: Placed 3rd/4th in Off the Dial's It's Dangerous To Go Alone 30 Power Bracket IDTGA 32 Highest X power, 2201 JP OnSU Record: CCA Record (OnSU) D1 2-3 Season 2 D2 2-3 Season 3 (5 new divs added lmao) LUTI: Div 11 Group D 4-1 Playoffs 2nd stage Low Ink: Mar 2023: Group A 3-3, made epsilon bracket