maruru ʚїɞ

Calamity Forge Neo
IGN ƒ(^ · ω · ^)#1300
Sens Motion -3.5 / Stick +5
E-liter 4K
Custom E-liter 4K
Z+F Splatterscope
From The Ink Up
Cafe Mogus Tournament
Coral Clash Legacy
Awarded for winning From The Ink Up
i play peeliter LSL/FTIU BANNED dm for pick ups 🥈 LUTI S14 Division 7 🥇FTIU #43 🥇Coral Clash #4 🥈All 4 One: Tower Control #1 🥈Anarchy Rush In Open #1 🥉LSL #33 🥉The Depths #4 9th Squid Junction #58 2x Hammerhead SOS 2-1 rose, 1shot, rotciv, ozuna (sj) 2-0 rice, gabe, speck, xman (sj) 2-1 Honda Squidic (sos) 2-1 BREAKDOWN! (sos) 2-0 Jelly Squids (speed ladder)