Sens Stick +5 / Motion +4.5
Custom Splattershot Jr.
Hero Shot Replica
N-ZAP '85
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I make cute squid pics and post cute squid pics sometimes. I play cute squid games. I like cute squid people. I play just about every weapon that doesn't require buttom mashing, orienting towards aggressive support styles. Aerospray, Jr, N-Zap, Squelcher, Hero Shot, Flingza, Wipers, Blasters, trying new things every week. Sometimes pull out the Explosher, Bloblobber, or Undercover because they are cute squid weapons. My squid goal is to support aspiring progamer squids and to play fun squid games. My résumé is below the squid emoji. 🌈🦑 intermediate player looking for team playerz (X2300ish+ preferablyyyy). comms and minimum maturity standardz plus bein nice. Veteran Salmon Runner always up for some Eggstra work. somtimes tacticol meeting in Europeon tea house where drink tea and make cakesz. make music + paintong buttifull art for ur weebsite 🦋 support focus, but flexible-ish. ~15 year experience as igl, coach, orga, cl, etc. multi-time CS champion and gaming event/tournament orga. ~5K+ hours squid gaming 🎶 twotter: @nohoovesbarred if you want to message me or something~