Squid Junction 35

  • Badge prizes
    Squid Junction
  • Entry limit


Map pool

Scorch Gorge
RainmakerClam Blitz
Eeltail Alley
RainmakerClam Blitz
Hagglefish Market
Splat ZonesTower ControlRainmaker
Undertow Spillway
Tower ControlClam Blitz
Museum d'Alfonsino
Splat ZonesClam Blitz
Inkblot Art Academy
Splat ZonesTower Control
Sturgeon Shipyard
Splat ZonesTower ControlRainmaker
Splat ZonesTower ControlClam Blitz
Flounder Heights
Splat ZonesRainmakerClam Blitz
Brinewater Springs
Splat Zones
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공주 Alice
Hosted by Dapple Productions The FIRST Squid Junction of 2023! Here's what you get if you join the tournament: NEW Competitive Mappool ✓ Double elimination with new competitive counterpick rules ✓ Well-run tournament ✓ Experienced TOs ✓ badge All you need for a good tournament We hope to see you there!