Day 1Day 2

Low Ink November 2022

  • Badge prizes
    Low Ink
  • Skill cap


147 teams participated

Map pool

Scorch Gorge
RainmakerClam Blitz
Eeltail Alley
Tower ControlRainmaker
Hagglefish Market
Splat ZonesTower ControlClam Blitz
Undertow Spillway
Tower ControlRainmaker
Mincemeat Metalworks
Hammerhead Bridge
Splat Zones
Museum d'Alfonsino
Splat ZonesTower ControlClam Blitz
Inkblot Art Academy
Splat ZonesTower ControlClam Blitz
Sturgeon Shipyard
Splat ZonesTower Control
Splat ZonesRainmakerClam Blitz
Wahoo World
Splat Zones
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Low Ink is a monthly two day event taking place on weekends. Its goal is to give teams a chance to get into the competitive scene and gain experience. What makes it suitable for lower-level teams? • The tournament bans players with tourney results exceeding the skill cap (see rules for details). • An easy to follow format on day 1, which guarantees 18 games played with multiple teams. • Multiple brackets on Day 2 for the top cut of teams with placements determined by day 1 performance. • Quality live stream and commentary with a focus on introducing competitive Splatoon to newcomers.