Splatoon added to Liquipedia

by Riczi

Splatoon players are now able to add information to Liquipedia; one of the fastest growing esports wikis available to the public. This depository will contain information on tournament winners, top teams, and notable players in the Splatoon competitive scene.

The wiki is affiliated with Team Liquid, one of the best esports organizations in the world. Notable players signed with Team Liquid are Super Smash Bros Melee legend Hungrybox and nitr0, a top CSGO player with nearly a quarter million followers on Twitter.

Liquipedia breaks down their pages into six sections:

  • Teams
  • Transfers
  • Tournaments
  • Games
  • Maps
  • Statistics

Each section covers a different ascent of the competitive scene of each game. Right now you can view some of the history of FTWin, perhaps the most dominant North American team in Splatoon history to date.

If you are a long-standing member of the Splatoon community, consider helping out to build up the games Liquipedia page located here with any information you have. This will help build the competitive Splatoon scene and create a record of the game to be remembered for years to come.