November Splatfest Dates Announced

by Riczi

There appears to be no Splatfest festivities planned for the month of October, but we officially have the dates for the next head to head to head brawl! The next Splatoon 3 Splatfest will begin on Friday, November 11th at 4PM Pacific. The event will end on Sunday, November 13th at the same time.

This upcoming Splatfest is a collaboration with the Pokémon franchise. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are set to release on November 18th. Collaborating with Splatoon helps market the new games while providing yet another fun debate for Splatoon fans to fight over in the coming weeks.

The theme for this Pokémon inspired Splatfest is the simple yet excrutiangly difficult decision every trainer faces when playing a pocket monsters game for the first time. Do you pick the grass type starter, the fire type starter, or the water type starter?

This decision often varies from game to game. If you're struggling to pick a team, try focusing on the three new starters announced for Scarlet and Violet. There's Sprigatito the Grass Cat Pokémon, Fuecoco the Fire Croc Pokémon, and Quaxly the Duckling Pokémon.

So far this Splatfest is set to follow the same pattern as before. Turf War battles between the three teams will be fought to earn Clout points that will help determine the ultimate victor. Halfway through the event, Tri-Color Turf War battles will be mixed in as a rare comeback mechanic for the two trailing teams. Watch for the Splatfest stand to appear in the lobby to select your team!