LUTI Season 13

by 공주 Alice & Chilliboi

Leagues Under The Ink, (LUTI for short), is the biggest community made league in Splatoon and goes back all the way to the chaotic Splatoon 1 era! Over time, it has developed and become one of the main pillars of the community. The LUTI divisions are a recognized presence throughout the community as one measure of a teams perceived skill level. Season 13 was the first LUTI bout of Splatoon 3 which saw 457 teams compete, making it the biggest Splatoon event to date as of this article. The insane amount of teams was comprised of newcomers and veterans, with 3 of them being a constant since LUTI Season 1: Los Inklings, Day Old Sushi and The Whiprays.

LUTI was divided into 11 divisions, with a team taking the championship crown in each!

LUTI Division X (Winner: Enlite) The highest division is always a little bit smaller than the others, due to the bar of entry being so high. While the well known team Enlite won Div X, illustrating why they are both feared and respected, there's a lot more to talk about. The team Rising Wave, was the first ever Latin American team to reach Div X after being in Div 3 the season beforehand! Also, the rather new team Penguin made their LUTI debut in Div X even though their members played in Div 3 - 7 in past seasons. It is really impressive to see teams grow through competing and make their mark in the community.

LUTI Division 1 (Winner: Unhinged Unity) In Div 1 the European pickup of well known players Unhinged Unity took the win in the end, so a huge congratulations to them! A team worth mentioning besides that is Mictlan Heroes, which did not have the luxury of an "easy run" at any point in their season. They went to a game 9 (in a Best of 9) EVERY. SINGLE. MATCH. They played until the 3rd place match of the division. In that match they broke the curse by only going to... well... game 8. Group C of Div 1 saw many insane bouts take place, such as a 3-way tiebreaker for playoffs between SPARK, Centopia and Mango Hek Mek, which was only decided in the very last week of the group stage.

LUTI Division 2 (Winner: Vivid) Vivid won division 2 of LUTI season 13. This win alone is a gigantic upset, and a strong argument for why you should never underestimate your opponents. For context, this team would never have made the playoffs if not for Bazooka Squad reverse sweeping SEQUOIA in the group stage of LUTI. This ultimately opened the path to the playoffs for Vivid, and they seized the opportunity beautifully.

LUTI Division 3 (Winner: Downy) Downy won division 3 of LUTI season 13 against Interrogation - a huge congratulations to them!

LUTI Division 4 (Winner: Silly Kitties) Silly Kitties won division 4 of LUTI season 13. After getting second in Squid Junction 38, the win was no big surprise. We look forward to seeing how they continue to grow as a team!

LUTI Division 5 (Winner: Crimson Waves) Crimson Waves won division 5 of LUTI season 13. In Div 5, a lot happened after the group stage. Aquatic Vanguard was the only group winner advancing to playoffs round 2. Every other 1st place team progressing from groups got upset by the 2nd place of another group. After that nobody knew who would emerge the victor! We want to take some time to acknowledge Team Waterfront, as even though they lost their matches, 3 of them went to game 9, proving that they absolutely belong in this division and can compete with the other Div 5 talents.

LUTI Division 6 (Winner: Epsilon) Epsilon won division 6 of LUTI season 13 against Illusions. Knight Sharks got 3rd in a close 5-4 matchup.

LUTI Division 7 (Winner: Project: Zeta) Project: Zeta won division 7 of LUTI season 13 against Black Ink Raiders. Galaxy Squids got a notable 3rd place, as this position was determined through an intense 5-4 skirmish.

LUTI Division 8 (Winner: SmashCore Greece) SmashCore Greece won division 8 of LUTI season 13. In this division, we witnessed something that we had never seen before; a team actually disbanded while in the middle of playing a LUTI set!

LUTI Division 9 (Winner: Virtuous Devine) Virtuous Divine won division 9 of LUTI season 13. We need to acknowledge the insanity of their final match vs. Bottom Feeders! Starring on FalcoFlyer's LUTI Tonight, Virtuous Divine started their match 3v4 as not all their members were ready, leading to some early losses. However, when their 4th player joined, they turned around the tide and won the division overall!

LUTI Division 10 (Winner: KO Patrol) KO Patrol won division 10 of LUTI season 13 against Royal Succulents. Arctic Blitz secured 3rd place. Division 10 was the first new division introduced in season 13. The amount of teams joining made this change necessary, and it was a lovely "problem" to have to resolve! Even though this is the second lowest div, we can see the future of our community flourishing. Everyone now established at the top of the Splatoon food chain started somewhere, and we only can speculate how far this people will grow in the upcoming months.

LUTI Division 11 (Winner: Crimson Star) Crimson Star won division 11 of LUTI season 13 against Elegant Emerald. DC Suicide Squids got 3rd. This division is the second new division introduced in season 13. Even though it is the lowest div, it only shows you the starting point from which you will rise. Your division is not the ceiling of your skill, its the floor you currently stand on. Most of the teams just recently joined competitive, and the fire of excitement and passion for training was burning beautifully. Let's keep an eye out for where we'll see those faces again in the future!