Final Low Ink Winners for Splatoon 2

by Riczi

Another fan favorite tournament season is closing its doors on Splatoon 2 as the new title is set to release in a matter of weeks. Low Ink is a low-level tournament helping inexperienced players get a taste of the competitive scene. Even though these players are new and relatively unproven, that didn't make the battles any less fierce.

Low Ink runs monthly, which each tournament spanning a two-day period, typically over a weekend. Teams are guaranteed to play 18 games on the first day, with a top cut bracket being held on the following day. Top cut is divided into three different groups depending on their performance on Day 1; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma being the names.

The tournament series will resume once Splatoon 3 is released. However, not many people will be able to say they won the last Low Ink tournament of Splatoon 2. These teams left their mark before heading into a new game:

Alpha Bracket

  1. INKD Killers
  2. Mean Girls
  3. The Elegant Crusaders

Beta Bracket

  1. aquatic vanguard
  2. Good Night
  3. Intimidation Factor

Gamma Bracket

  1. Inkvaders
  2. New Horizon
  3. FTLoss

All of these teams earned their placements through spectacular teamwork and exceptional play. Which teams do you want to see take the jump in Splatoon 3 to higher level competition?