Sloshing Machine
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2502 JP XP slayer learning squeezer to! Results: Unlighted D4 🥉 1st Forecast Tourney 🥉 TG 19 2-1 Lyre 1-3 Wadsm, Pony, Fantar, Matt 2-0 Deniis+Ladal 3-2 Chronic, Ren, Juan, Jex, Korone SOS 93 5th Place Hammerhead bracket Sp3 Sets+Results coming soon! 2-0 yoshis mika dario aloha 2-0 Lex, MrZ, Cas, Lonk 2-1 ASC Tenshi 2-1 Everest 🥉 Place Hammerhead SOS 2-0 Sanctum Silence, Heaven, Zay, Wafel 3-0 Maxcaria SOS 111 Great Whitebracket :) Please checkout my twitch, and YT as I’ll be soon starting to upload streams and content! Let’s reach our goals and dreams in this scene! Thanks for all of your support everyone I can’t thank you guys enough!