Squid Junction
Awarded for winning Squid Junction
Machine, Naut and Rapid Former member of Rising Matrix, Tuki and Ice Shard S3: 2-1 - mango hek mek + tommiecho 2-0 - meta slave (arashi, miaou, red, mae) 2-1 - big carbon man (mev, stille, okami, noodle) S2: 1st SAC S5 1st SAC S5 Tourney 3 1st SAC S5 Opener 3rd Riptide 3-0 (Robbe, Nylon, Anger, Phoenix), 3-0 (cuberr, pulp, honedge, vivee) 2-1 (nolan, wave, miisa, lukas), 2-0 (Gettway, Ruka, Kama, Theo), 3-1 Polar night x2, 3-2 (Legend, exy, isaac, bless), 3-1 (rui, exy, isaac, bless)