IGN σr-Tabby#1904
Sens Stick +4 / Motion +2
N-ZAP '85
Hero Shot Replica
From The Ink Up
a Rain or Shine Event
Cafe Mogus Tournament
Awarded for winning From The Ink Up
I love N-Zap Support for AC/DC and October Rift /* weapon pool */ I'm a Luna Neo one trick frfr (very serious fr) I actually enjoy cooler spamming though /* result things */ 1st place LSL 28 (d7 cap) 1st place Rain or Shine #3 (d5 cap) w/Infinite Rizz (grain of salt*) LI Top 32 (5th place Beta Bracket) 1st place Inksane Invitational charity tournament 2022 w/C- Crusaders 132nd in the Inkademy speed ladder #11 2nd place @ So Callie #3 w/B-Line (grain of salt*) LI Top 32 (5th place in beta again 🎉) 2nd place @ So Callie #4 w/K-Lion (grain of salt*) 3rd place @ So Callie #5 w/AC/Disconnect (grain of salt*) /* result disclaimer */ Results marked with (grain of salt*) should be considered less because they're played with higher level teammates and don't accurately reflect my skill as a player (I'm still very much d5 but like to challenge myself). Additionally, I am FTIU banned and help run the tournament, which is why I have the badge. Working hard to improve :) 0-2 reefslider canceled by the wahoo pole