IGN *⏜ © Peachy#9611
Sens Stick +5 / Motion +5
Tentatek Splattershot
N-ZAP '85
Custom Blaster
Cafe Mogus Tournament
Cephalopod Cooperative
Jaxel Tourneys
Coral Clash Legacy
Warrior Weekend Qualifier
Jaxel Tourneys (Low Div)
Jaxel Tourneys 2v2 Battle Royal
Jaxel Tourneys 1v1 Battle Royal
Night of Chaos
Coral Clash: Low Tide
Coral Clash: High Tide
Awarded for winning Cafe Mogus Tournament
Hi I'm Peachy! I'm a Div 5 player. I am the co-captain of my college team Coastal Squid Surf and a member of Cherry Bomb. I am a TO and Commentator for quite a few orgs as well! I also use Sendou to keep track of my own results no matter how old. ---------------------------------------- CCA Div 5 Season 3 - 2nd FTiU 32- Gold Bracket - 2nd NoC 0 - 1st NA Open week 1 - 27th Splat University Lower Classmen Smack Down - 3rd Orange Cephalopod Cup: Southeast Edition - 2nd Low Ink July 2023 - Alpha Bracket SOS 118 - Mako Bracket CCA Study Abroad - Silver Bracket- 2nd Low Ink August 2023 - Gamma Bracket Riptide 2023 - Top 8 silver bracket Riptide 2023 - CCA side event- 2nd SOS 122 - Lantern 1st Place Super Jump 3 - Gamma Bracket Low Ink October 2023 - Alpha Bracket SOS 129 - Hammerhead Bracket CCA Div 2 Season 4 - 1st Low Ink January 2024 - Alpha Bracket SOS 136 - Hammerhead Bracket All 4 One: Tower Control (Feb 2nd) - 3rd Place ---------------------------------------- Notable Results ---------------------------------------- 2-0 Trip Hazard 3-2 3 Rats and a lazer 2-1 My Lag Paradise I have more just too lazy to go find them...