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Tentatek Splattershot
Sloshing Machine
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Hi I'm Peachy! I'm an estimated Div 5 player. I am the co-captain of my college team Coastal Squid Surf and a member of Gravity. I am a TO and Commentator for quite a few orgs as well! Jaxel badges are because I am staff ---------------------------------------- CCA Div 5 Season 3 - 2nd FTiU 32- Gold Bracket - 2nd NoC 0- 1st NA Open week 1- 27th Splat University Lower Classmen Smack Down- 3rd Orange Cephalopod Cup: Southeast Edition- 2nd Low Ink July 2023- Alpha Bracket CCA Study Abroad- Silver Bracket- 2nd Low Ink August 2023- Gamma Bracket Riptide 2023- Top 8 silver bracket Riptide 2023: CCA side event- 2nd SOS 122: Lantern 1st Place ---------------------------------------- Notable Results ---------------------------------------- 2-1 Legacy 2-0 Trip Hazard 3-2 3 Rats and a lazer 2-1 My Lag Paradise