Luis Cl

IGN Luis Cl#3338
Sens Stick +3 / Motion +3.5
Dapple SZ Speedladder
League Rush (Pair)
XP2600 (Splatoon 2)
Awarded for winning Dapple SZ Speedladder
XP: 2636.6 [S2], 2661.1 [S3] | Competive player for @ArmageddonSpl, TO for Narval Carnaval and editor for ProChara. +3 access since June 2021. I mostly play midline weapons, but flex a lot. I'm bilingual, with my native language being Spanish. Looking forward to being the best player I can possibly be! If you wanna see some of my Splatoon 2 results, check my other Sendou profile: [Splatoon 3] (From newest to oldest) Triton-Cup 46 | 6th | 2-1 Mango hek mek + sub (EST, Witti, Max, TommiEcho), 2-0 Booyah Gang Inkademy Speed Ladder 10 | 37th/340 | 2-0 TWINK SLAYERS (Rydia, Isaac, Viowet, Litblu) Squid Junction 32 | 5th | 3-1 Next Time! (Miisael, Lukαs, Wave, Ryanator) King Of The Jungle | 6th | 2-1 1904 (96Magi, Spara, Aloha!!, πneapple) Dual Ink #115 | 2nd | 2-1 Cookies 'N Cream (Madness, Mαx)