IGN pee-liter#9771
Sens Stick +2 / Motion +2
E-liter 4K
E-liter 4K Scope
Custom E-liter 4K
Custom E-liter 4K Scope
The Big Dapple (3rd place)
Swim or Sink (Lantern)
Warrior Weekend Qualifier
Crimson Ink
Taste the Rainbow
Soul Cup (Special)
Soul Cup (Competitive)
Level Up
Unlockable Side Quest
Token Run
Solar Eclipse
Blue Ring Rumble
Awarded for winning The Big Dapple (3rd place)
trying to get better in every way :) tied for 9th sleepy slime melee tournament (0-2) 13th in sleepy slime melee tournament (0-2) if you see me on pencil im throwing booyahed at the same time as proto 🥇LSL 11 🥇Beta Bracket Low Ink 2021 i have no other results dont check my results or scroll down 2-0 KeenSaysGM, Marsh, Dreas, Ev Soldier 2-0 cuber, mevlingo, hyeon, gm:k8 2-0 Nango, Bungee, Poke, EST ^-^ 6-0 (grands + bracket reset) Potato, Rose, p1ncher, FmCandy 2-1 Frostburn 2-0 Hazard 2-1 ASC Tenshi 3-1 Potato Tortilla Goose Shallow 3-1 Catnip (Potato Tortilla Gus Luna Lemon) 3-1 FTL Crowny FTL Punchy kiki pouleyyy