IGN Cam!#1208
Sens Stick +2 / Motion +1.5
Nautilus 47
The InkTV Resurgence League Qualifier
Paddling Pool Weekly
Golden Paddling Pool Event
Huebis Inkling Tournament (3rd place)
Low Ink
Crimson Ink
SkeDoPolis Bi-Weekly (1st place)
SkeDoPolis Bi-Weekly (3rd place)
Splatoon Baguette League
Awarded for winning The InkTV Resurgence League Qualifier
🔹 Division X LUTI w/Penguin! Splatoon 3 Results : 🥇Qualified inkTv SP3 🥇Golden PP #210 🥇Triton Cup x4 🥇Paddling Pool x4 🥇Mystic N Will 7 3-0 Last Resort 3-0 Zero wally Xers Robbe 3-2 phoenix Brian Trizy Keen 3-2 Orion Elis April Exy 3-2 Oro Jackson 3-0 & 3-2 Caden April Kiwi Bandit 3-1 Max Madness Shadowind Berry 3-0 Wadsm Isabel EchoT phoenix