IGN Thoma...#7962
Custom Jet Squelcher
Heavy Edit Splatling
E-liter 4K
From The Ink Up
Swim or Sink (Lantern)
Cafe Mogus Tournament
Awarded for winning From The Ink Up
Co-captain and Anchor for Sheer Cold LUTI Season 14 Division 5 Splatoon Commentator Head TO for Inkling Performance Labs (SAC) and From the Ink Up Staff for Inkling Performance Labs (SOS), Mulloway Institute of Turfing, Little Squid League, From the Ink Up, Under Pressure, Leagues Under the Ink, and Splatoon Tourney 2-1 Eepy Dreepy 9th Hammerhead SOS 131 5th SuperJump A7 Pools - Gamma Bracket Finish 1-3 Wipeout Punks 3-2 FLUTI 4 Div B 57th Inkademy Speed Ladder 5th Silver Bracket Minnow Cup 21 RM Edition 9th Hammerhead SOS109 4th Mako SOS102 9th Gamma LI March 23 4th Mako SOS100 Div 8 Playoffs LUTI S13 My most important result: thoma scep riley 6-0 half :)