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Tenta Sorella Brella
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Welcome to my Bio! Hello, my name is Froppy♪. I'm a 22 year old American College Student. I am a competitive Splatoon 3 Player, or well... trying to be, I played Splatoon 1 Casually, and I really wanted to get into Splatoon 2's Competitive Scene. I've worked so hard to improve. When I joined my first team in the first month of Splatoon 2 I was what I'd now consider a trash player. I was the slowest to improve because I was the only one who didn't make it that far in Splatoon 1. After that team disbanded I worked so hard to improve and learned as much as I could. I've made countless friends and rivals in this community. I was a Host for the Low Ink Tournaments! I like to think that the legacy everyone I meet through this game is partially my responsibility. Everyone likes an underdog story. Someone who works from the ground up to get somewhere, and that defines me pretty well. LAN Tournament Results! The Big House 2022: 18th/21 (The Drop Roppers) [Fuchsia, Smiley, Aris] Riptide 2023: 57th/72 (FECK) [Kayo, Earaaa, Chilli] Chi-Shoals 10/28/2023: 1st/3 [Joey, Owen, Evan]